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There is no site builder on the Internet that provides more online support options than InstantEcom.

Our online support includes 37 chapters of online documentation, a 250+ article online knowledge base, frequently asked questions, and a technical support team that includes actual designers, marketers and programmers.

37 Chapter Online Documentation Accompanying each chapter are recommended uses, applicable screen shots, documentation overviews, and step-by-step instructions.
Getting Started Manual InstantEcom gets you up and running fast with our easy, Getting Started manual.
Online Knowledge Base Easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions teach you all you need to know about our website features.
Unlimited Online Technical Support We respond to 98% of technical support questions within one-business-day. InstantEcom guarantees that there will be no longer than a three-business-day response to all other questions. Users submit questions through our online technical support page. Questions are then routed to our support staff according to the topic. If questions require sales network or developer input, they are flagged for review by a specialist trained in these areas. This method allows us to answer questions quickly and efficiently.

With most site building companies, technical support is limited to answering connectivity questions like "How do I send my files to you?" With InstantEcom, you also get design support such as, "How do I set up a photo album on my website?" Our technical support staff can answer any question about building and updating your website within our site builder. InstantEcom's technical support is above and beyond the basic "How do I get started?" responses that most website builders offer.

We also offer full technical support for every one of our 30 special features. Most companies do not even have these features, much less offer support for them.

Get Help on Every Page

Our easy-access support allows you to obtain help from any page in your site builder. In addition, help is specifically tailored to the page you are currently working in:

  • Support Button on Every Page: No matter what page you are working in, you can click the Support button on the toolbar at the top of the page, to access every component of our online technical support, any time you need it.
  • Context Sensitive Help: To save you time, every page in the site builder that utilizes a specific feature, has a custom Help button on the toolbar that brings you directly to the documentation chapter that explains the feature.

37 Chapter Documentation

95% of user questions can be answered by a combination of the online documentation, knowledge base and FAQ:

  • Getting Started: InstantEcom's Getting Started chapter gives you everything you need to know to set up an informational website. A web design company would typically charge about $500 - $5,000 to set up this type of website. Our Getting Started manual will help you set up a site yourself in two hours or less.
  • 37 Chapters: Once you have completed the first chapter, there are 37 chapters of information on the website builder available with just one click. Each chapter covers one aspect of expanding your website by adding such features as mailing lists, calendars, photo albums, message boards, shopping carts and much more.
  • Step by Step with Screenshots: Every chapter contains easy, step-by-step instructions, with screenshots to illustrate how each step works.
  • Recommended Uses: In each chapter, there is a list of recommended uses for each feature that is described in that chapter. This list gives you a quick overview of how each feature can be used.
  • Screenshots: Screenshots visually help you to understand how a feature works by showing you how it will appear on your website.
  • Overview: Each chapter in the overview describes the steps in that chapter. If you click on a step overview, you will jump right to that step. As an example: You are looking at Message Boards, and you want to know how to add a message. Since adding a message is in the overview, you can simply click on it and you will be taken to that section.
  • One Click Feature Support: No matter what feature you are working in, there is a link to the support chapter that pertains to that feature. This is known as "context sensitive help" and it enables you to find what you are looking for quickly, saving you time, frustration and money.
  • One Click Chapter Listing: With one click, you can access a topic list of the documentation for each chapter, no searching.

250+ Article Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base addresses many important, but less common questions from InstantEcom users:

  • Searchable: You can search the knowledge base by keyword and it will return results based on relevance. For example, if you type in "editing," the knowledge base will display articles "about" editing, before articles that contain the word "editing," but are actually about something else.
  • Screenshots: The knowledge base utilizes screenshots when they are helpful to the understanding of a topic.
  • Linking to Documentation: To save time and duplicate searching, the knowledge base is cross-linked to the documentation, automatically sending you to the answer no matter which database it is located in.

Unlimited Technical Support

Because InstantEcom's online support is so complete and easy to use, 95% of user questions never reach our technical support staff; however, if you still need us, you will get fast, complete answers to your questions.

  • 1-day Turnaround: We answer 98% of support questions within 1 business day.
  • Direct Routing: Our support system quickly routes questions to the right people, whether it is designers, network technicians or developers. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all support system like you will find with other website builders.
  • Quick answer system: We also give you a list of answers to questions that are similar to yours, in case you miss an answer, or in case you need additional reinforcement.