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Free Domain Names

Your Free Subdomain

Everyone starts by setting up a trial account and is asked to choose an account name. What you choose for your account name is what we use to refer to your account in our system, it is also what you use to log into your control panel to make changes to your website. With this account name you can also instantly access your website by surfing to YourAccountName.instantecom.net (eg - johnsmith.instantecom.net).

Your Free Custom Domain Name

Once you activate your account by choosing one of our three payment options (monthly $29.95, quarterly $24.95, yearly $19.95) you will have the option to register a custom domain name for free. All you have to do is find a domain name that is available (only .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info apply) by using your website control panel and we'll register it and set it up for free. Examples of custom domain names would be www.google.com, www.john-smith.net and www.maryspetstore.biz.

Using A Domain You Already Registered

If you already have a custom domain name that you want to continue using then you only need to update your DNS information at the website where you registered the domain (your domain name registrar). Either email their support or make the changes yourself by updating the DNS to:

If you are only updating your account with your domain registrar then you can use any domain name extensions available such as .tv, .ca, .co.uk, etc.