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We take the security of your website very seriously. In fact, we have taken extraordinary precautions to ensure that InstantEcom is the safest, most secure site builder on the Web.

We have designed multiple safeguard systems to protect the site builder from unauthorized use and to protect your customer's shopping cart information from being accessed or stolen:
Firewall Computers and their networks are best protected by use of a firewall, which consists of hardware and software designed to prevent unauthorized access to the system. InstantEcom has installed a state-of-the-art firewall, as well as an effective backup system that seemlessly takes over in the event that the primary firewall is breached. With these two systems in place, you can be assured that all of your website's confidential information is protected around the clock.
Verisign Secure Certificates The InstantEcom website builder contains the highest level of encryption available in a civilian application. This level is known as 128-bit Verisign secure certificates. Only the military has a higher encryption level.
Best Practices Our security staff are trained to utilize the most effective data security methods available, including strong passwords, locked server rooms, and careful handling of confidential data, as if it were our own.
24 hour security InstantEcom maintains unparalleled physical security at our server location. We have 24-hour security and front-desk patrols, dual key card and physical key access to secured areas, and server rooms secured individually to keep your information safe 24 hours a day.
Insurance Your website operations are protected in the event of failure by our comprehensive insurance policy.