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Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is built, the next step is to get people to it! Here's how...

Our website building software has all the onsite SEO tools you need to make sure your pages show up in the search results. You can modify nearly every aspect of each page to really key in on specific keywords and keyphrases you want to associate with your website. The next step is to submit your website to the major search engines. While these things are very important, you will also need to engage in offsite SEO by interacting with the rest of the internet, sharing information about your website and ultimately getting people to link to your website using the keywords and keyphrases you want to rank best for. The goal is to build a theme for your website that is easily recognizable and constantly reinforced both on and off your website. Creating a theme for your website takes some work but it is well worth the time. The hard part is really getting other sites to link to you and this can be a confusing and time consuming task for which you will pay lots of money to an SEO firm to do for you.

There is another way!

We believe the most cost effective way for someone to experiment with SEO is by first learning a bit about what is involved. This will give you an idea of what you're paying for so, if in the future you decide to hire an SEO firm to do these tasks for you, you understand what you're paying for and if they're doing a good job. For now... you're on a limited budget and just want to see your site move from page 30 to page 3 in the Google results while understanding why.

In steps LotusJump... an online tool that helps you promote your website for particular keywords by assigning you specific tasks you can complete in a matter of minutes. It really couldn't be any easier. Better yet, there's a 14 day free trial but we suggest sticking with it for 6 months to really see some positive results.

LotusJump SEO Software - Try Risk Free!

If you have any further questions about SEO, please call our toll-free number and ask!